My Story

A little bit about me

My name is Joyanne Ruth Carey. I was born in Lakeland Florida to parents from the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and ever since I can remember I have always had a passion to share the love of God with others. From a young age my parents exposed me to the mission field, where I experienced firsthand the changing power of God in the lives of those we encountered. My parents have been ministers of the gospel all my life. There is not enough space here to share all the missionary experiences my siblings and I have experience in and outside of our home throughout the years.

We are blessed to have visionary parents. In August 2014, my life completely changed when I took my first mission trip outside of the country of the Bahamas. I stepped out into oceans deep and went to the Dominican Republic to share God’s love with the people there.

My life was never the same as I encountered God’s love in a way I have never experienced before. I knew in my heart that God had given me a burden for the people of the Dominican Republic. While on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic I heard the Lord say to me the way to protect the girls is by raising boys to be godly men. That ignited a flame within me and is charting a course for me to have an effective ministry of spreading God’s unwavering love.

My heart has always been specifically targeted towards young women and children so that they too can encounter God’s love and begin to understand their worth and how valuable they are to the kingdom of God.

Through a partnership with me you will be able to invest in the future of families. Young women will learn who they are and whose they are as they are taught how to make jewelry so that they can know that they too are a jewel in God’s eyes while understanding their worth to the kingdom of God.    



Oceans Deep is about taking the necessary steps to go deeper with Jesus. During this seven-day devotional you will be able to understand God’s purpose for your life and to go deeper in Him as you draw near no matter the cost, no matter what it requires. 

Oceans Deep Workshop



The Oceans Deep Workshop is about equipping, empowering, and encouraging young women to know their worth and value so that they can take their rightful place in God’s Kingdom as the jewels that they are. 


Giant Killers

Pictured are the young ladies that attended one of the workshops in  Key  West  FL,  in the summer of  2019.


Activities of enrichment

The young ladies took part in jewelry making, baking, cooking, and dancing all to magnify the name of  God with their gifts and talents.